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South America is a must-see continent with something for everyone
Browse these itineraries to get an idea with your trip time, then give me a call at: 818-789-4523​, or text/WhatsApp at 818-800-5459​.


7 - 14 Days

In a remote corner of Brazil, the man known as John of God is changing people's lives in astonishing ways. Can belief cure illness? Can energy heal? Take a journey to find out.

5-10 Days

Seeing Brazil can take a lifetime, but there are some major highlight that anyone can see one trip. This route features some of the major highlights from the amazing city of Rio, the largest Falls in the world, famous and upscale Beaches, and of course the magnificent Amazon River.

3-5 Days

Three days in Buenos Aires allows one to see European grandeur blended with Latin passion. Atmospheric old neighborhoods are rife with romantic restaurants and thumping nightlife. Then you are off to Iguaçu -- the largest waterfalls set in the world. When you can see them both from above and below.

2 to 10 Days

This trip gives you a more flavored experience of Brazil. Salvador, a Portuguese colony, has preserved African heritage from music and religion to food. Other destinations include World-famous beaches, large resort hotels, and a cheaper alternative to Rio’s Carnival.

2 to 7 Days

The pinnacle of Peru, from capital to wonder of the world. Experience Incan culture in the high Andes Mountains. Start where Spain meets Peru in Lima with its elegant cathedrals and opulent palaces. Head to Cusco to see the Qoriacancha palace and Santo Domingo Church. Then up to Machu Picchu with incredible views and mysterious ruins of monumental stones. Overall a great way to see Amerindian and Mestizo culture.

7-14 Days

John of God is a gentle, loving soul with an extraordinary caring for humanity. Sometimes people confuse John of God - the man - with the entities that come through him to do the healing. John of God (Joao) is the vehicle. In closing I would like share an often cited quote from John of God... “I have never healed anyone. It is God who heals.”

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