There is a lot to do in Brazil and South America, maybe too much


There are many things to do in Brazil and South America.
Are you easygoing? The a short walking tour is a way great to see splendid architecture, do a little shopping, then rest at a Cantina with wonderful food and drink. However if you seek adventure, there are many activities that you can accomplish on Beach, to Cities, to the Jungle, and in the Mountains.

Scroll through these to get a taste, but then give me a call to help tailor a trip to your tastes at 818-789-4523​, or text/WhatsApp at 818-800-5459​.
  • Shopping, Eating, and Having a Typical cocktail

    On a warm evening stroll down for some shopping on Avenida Atlantica, in Copacabana Beach and enjoy the Artisan Fair. You will find hand-crafted souvenirs for all budgets and you can even have a local artist paint a caricature or a portrait of yourself! After some shopping, enjoy a nice "caipirinha" with Brazilian bites such as "coxinhas" in any of the restaurants along the Copacabana Beach "calçadão."

  • Night Out in Rio De Janeiro

    ​Put on your "dancing shoes!" Take a ride to the Rio Scenarium at the Lapa neighborhood and dance the night away! You will find yourself on the dance floor along with Brazilians of all ages dancing to live Brazilian music, from Bossa Nova to Samba!

  • Amazon Adventure

    If you enjoy nature, let's take a trip to the Amazon Rainforest! You will interact with the Pink Dolphins, go Piranha fishing, visit the natives at their village, go jungle tracking, and even see the "Meeting of the Waters" where the Rio Negro and the Amazon River meet but the waters don't mix. Quite a phenomenon!

  • ​Relaxation On Fernando De Noronha

    More adventure? Let's go to Fernando de Noronha, where you can go snorkeling in different beaches on the island and interact with the most amazing sea life! This is the perfect honeymoon getaway. Couples can rent a scooter and ride around the island leisurely.

  • Surfing In The Southern South American Beaches

    If you want to mix it up a little, why not enjoy the beautiful beaches and go surfing in Florianópolis, and from there take a quick flight to Punta del Este? If you like to try your luck in a casino, this is the place to do it!

  • Trekking in Patagonia & Wine Tasting in Mendoza

    If you'd love to experience the vastness of a glacier, ice trekking on the Perito Moreno Glacier is right for you! We will fly you to Mendoza to get warmed up with some delicious Argentinian vino!

  • Romance

    Few destinations offer the enchanting mix of both natural and cultural elements that culminate and form the romantic aura of Brazil.

  • Cuisine

    The tantalizing tastes of Brazil are a reflection of the country’s deeply diverse heritage and passion for the culinary arts.

  • Birds

    Brazil offers stunning scenery, incredible biodiversity and an exciting bird watching and wildlife experience.

  • Diving

    Brazil is one of the world’s premiere destinations for diving tours and excursions.

  • Futebol "Soccer"

    When it comes to soccer, no country in the world boasts a richer history or more passionate fans than Brazil.

  • Golfing

    I have the perfect spot for you! The Comandatuba island is perfect for you golfers with families. There is something for everyone. From golfing with the most beautiful backdrop views of the ocean, to activities for the kids, and spas for the ladies!

  • Fishing

    As home to both the Amazon Rainforest and Pantanal, Brazil serves as a premiere destination for fishing expeditions.

  • Nightlife

    Party 'til dawn at dancing bars, comedy clubs and vibrant dance spots.

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