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Visit Casa de Dom Inácio

Visit Casa Dom Inácio 

There are healing arts professionals and retreat leaders who are caring, supportive, and informative.  They make it a priority to help you understand the process of the healing that takes place at the Casa and offer deep, loving support for your inner work.  They have had immense personal experiences at the Casa de Dom Inacio prior to becoming group leaders and understand the feelings of vulnerability that can come with life challenges, being ill, and helplessness.  They have realized that it is part of our life's mission of service to bring people to Brazil for healing at the Casa de Dom Inacio.

Prior to and during your trip, the leaders share information with you and assist you in connecting to the Entities of the Casa to prepare you for the spiritual healing a visit to the Casa will render.  The spoken language in Brazil and at the Casa is Portuguese, and although much of what is said is translated into other languages, having the leaders to assist you is of great benefit in understanding what the Entities are suggesting for you. The group leaders will take care of these details and give you information based on your particular situation so that you can relax, enjoy, and be as present as possible for the process.

Another benefit of making the journey, is the all-inclusive tour of meals, lodging, local transportation, and personal assistance at the Casa.  You can leave the details and arrangements to the tour group so that you can focus on your healing.  The group leaders will give you helpful orientations throughout your experience both physically and spiritually and will arrange all hotel reservations and ground transportation between the airport and Abadiania, help you as you recover after your treatments, take you to the sacred waterfall, lead group discussion and guided meditations, as well as dedicate one on one time to assist you with clarity around your intentions and answer private questions.  Visitors will share many meals with the group during the journey and at those times can answer questions coming up as well as at group meetings and in private sessions. In addition the group will share interesting stories about our own or others’ Casa experiences.  

1 to 14 (7 to 14 days)
Casa, Abadiana

Spend one to two weeks at Casa, John's Hospital and Retreats. Providing meditation, spiritual guidance, and self reflection.

15-19 (4 days)
Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is well known for its cultural and scenic visitor attractions. Schedule a 4 day trip to see key attractions and experience the city, it's people and the amazing food and attractions.

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