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Your planner,

concierge, and guide

Ready to take a trip to South America?

Looking for adventure in the Amazon rainforest and wish to visit the beautiful sites in Rio de Janeiro?

Have an itch for Brazilian culture discovery?

You don’t have to plan your trip alone - I provide guidance every step of the way.  And I’ll be reachable for questions about your trip while you are traveling. My in-country partners will be on call to assist you in case of last minute needs or emergencies.

You can reach me anytime 24/7 before, during, and after your trip at 818-789-4523,

or text /WhatsApp at 818-800-5459​

I craft a travel path based on your tastes and budget.

You can reach me anytime during your trip.

Then I'm here for you after -- for the next journey.

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I have been booking travel to South America for over 25 years and my passion for travel and finding the best deals to the most beautiful places is stronger than ever. I will beat any price you find online, provided I have a contract with the airline.​ I can also suggest and book airport transfers, hotels, and tours as well as offer assistance on the ground during your trip. 

Personalized Service

Book an Economy, Business, or First class ticket with Sabrina Brazil Travel to Brazil or anywhere in South America. Complete the request form and I will get in touch with you with the best itinerary and price options for your flights, hotels, tours, etc. 

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There are many things to do in Brazil and South America.

Are you easygoing? The a short walking tour is a way great to see splendid architecture, do a little shopping, then rest at a Cantina with wonderful food and drink.

However if you seek adventure, there are many activities from Beach, to Cities, to Jungle, to Mountains.

Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries

in the world, but it is also one of the largest! Let me help you narrow down where to go based on your inclinations.

If you have the time, there are many amazing places to see,

and many ways to experience Brazil from Sites to Culture.

Speak with Sabrina to get expert advice. 888.456.2224 | 818.789.4523 Sabrina@SabrinaBrazilTravel.com
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