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Tour to Ciudad del Este

Tour to Ciudad del Este
Even though it is of relatively recent origin, because it was founded in February 3rd 1957 (already with the name “Ciudad del Este”), it is already the second amongst the most important cities of Paraguay.

Both its birth and growth were due to commerce and tourism, whose development was set out and consolidated by two binational enterprises: the “Ponte da Amizade” (Friendship Bridge) and Itaipu Hydroelectric Plant.

With ca. 120.000 inhabitants, it is found on the shores of Parana River, 194m above sea level and 320km far from Asunción.

Before the great immigration of Asians and other nationalities who occupy themselves with commercial activities, the ethnical profile of the population, just like in the rest of Paraguay, was moulded by the miscegenation between the Spanish coloniser and the Indian, chiefly the Guarany. That racial mixture is so solid that both languages, Spanish and Guarany are simultaneously used by the majority of the Paraguayans.

Ciudad del Este has approximately 2600 shops, many of them assembled in shopping centres or malls. It has also about 50 hotels, a casino, several restaurants and fast-foods.

Business Hours: 9:00 am through 5:00 pm (Monday to Saturday). Required document: passport (depending on the country of origin, a visa is required).
Duration: 1h30
Schedule: tour including Ciudad del Este’s most important sights and shopping break.
Time Zone: 1h less than Foz do Iguazu’s (Brazil).
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