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South Pantanal - Fazenda San Francisco - 1Day package

South Pantanal - Fazenda San Francisco - 1Day package
DAY-USE – One-day trip – Getting to know the Pantanal!


Located 236 km (148 mi) from Campo Grande (approx. 3h driving) and 162 km (100 mi) from Bonito (approx. 2h30min driving), Fazenda San Francisco offers as tour options:

Photo Safari in Open Car – Agrotourism

Time of expected arrival at the farm: 08h00 in the morning for quebra torto meal (local breakfast).

At 09h00 in the morning starts the trip, in a confortable open truck, traversing the forest reserves and irrigated rice fields to watch wildlife typical of the Pantanal. Joined by the guides you will walk on the Carandazal’s Suspended Trail (700 m or 2100 feet), located in the left margin of Miranda River where the waters of this river meets with the waters of Corixo São Domingos. End of the trip: 12h00.

12h30min – Pantanal’s Lunch

After lunch you can rest on hammocks under the mango trees or in an environment with air conditioning and chairs.

14h30min – starts the Boat Tour in Corixo São Domingos

This is a trip on a typical boat of the region called Chalana, where you will ride on the waters of Corixo São Domingos and will fish for piranhas. During the tour one can see riverine fauna and flora and visit the Centennial Fig Tree where we have a trail (depending on the season). By the end of the afternoon, you might have the beautiful view of a sunset in the Pantanal. At 17h00, finishing the trip of this day we offer you a Happy Hour in the Pantanal – try the Aphrodisiac Piranha Soup (Pantanal’s Viagra).

End of the one-day trip: 18h00

Itinerary subject to alteration in the order of the tours due to climatic and operational conditions.


- Photo safari and walk on a suspended trail + boat tour and piranha fishing;
- Breakfast, lunch and snack;
- Pantaneiro guide (local - not bilingual);
- Insurance.

*Children 0-4 free

- Transfers and beverages are not included.

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Region: South Pantanal
Area: Fazenda San Francisco

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