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Schooner Cruise 5h

Schooner Cruise 5h
Paraty has 65 islands and many beaches of uncommon beauty. It is surrounded for exuberant vegetation that makes it a quiet and unbelievable place to stay. The waters are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.
Traditional tour with different routes for each day of week, it has four stops with about 40 minutes in each place, being one of them for lunching (la carte) aboard (optional). At these stops is possible to dive with mask and snorkel (when it is not included on the boat is possible to rent it) for this we can do it in a clear and warm water. Inside this 4 stops we have one that became essential, for tourist wishing, the Ilha Comprida which is more known as natural aquarium of fishes, when the people from the boat drop of rice beside it they come out, surround the boat and the people diving, it is perfect to take pictures. All the boats offer security and comfort; beyond they have a good restaurant with option of fish or chicken, for you tour become more enjoyable.

Includes Tropical Fruits.
Lunch Opcional.
Departures: 10:00am & 11:00am

Duration: 5 hours.

Lunch optional.
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