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Rio by Night Plataforma

Rio by Night Plataforma
Rio by Night - Samba Show

Duration: 03 hours

Besides being the Wonderful city, Rio de Janeiro is also the champion of bohemian life. It is at the Plataforma 1 show, in this effervescent rhythm of Samba, that you will listen the most famous songs. It was inside of the cariocas' joints, with beat of forks and glasses or "batucadas " on match boxes that the most beautifull songs were written. So, seat and enjoy it.

Rio By Night, Barbecue Restaurant and Samba Show

Duration: 05 hours

Night in Rio is a meeting point and makes the heart beat faster. Music and joy key ingredients to a good night life, go together with a permanent parade of artists in the show houses. A delicious dinner in the typical Barbecue House will be served. After dinner passengers are taken to Plataforma 1 where a show of Samba music with native girls mulatas will be presented. You will fell the energy so many times shown in Carnaval, is an enchantment that touches all, indistinctly.
Rio by Night Plataforma
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