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Rent a Buggy

Rent a Buggy
The Buggy was created with the objective to conciliate the confort of a car whithout losing the sensation of being in contact with the nature.
It is the ideal vehicle to use in the peninsula because it let you feel a delicius and freshness sensation of freedom.


Engine: 1.600 cc

Transmition: 4 gear sinchronized and reverse speed
Traction: hinder part
Wheels: 14x6 in front 15x8 hinder part (aluminun)
Tyres: 5,90 x 14" in front 9 x15" ou 111,15 hider part
Weight: 560 kg

We only work with new-buggys, and we wairant efficient client atending 24 hs!!!

Rental upon request.
24 hours assistance.
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