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Places for Events

Places for Events
Arquivo Nacional

Created in 1838, the National Archive is today part of the Civil House of the Presidency. Its impressive architectural body is composed by four buildings erected around a central courtyard, completely restored and adapted for its function.
From 1868 to 1983 it housed the Brazilian Mint, and its exquisite stone frontispiece facing Campo de Santana Park reveals the refinement of the construction. Each of the 19-foot-high columns of the entrance is carved from a monolith.
The central courtyard, lined with centenarian Imperial Palm-trees, is the ideal place for cultural events, which must be approved by the board of directors of Arquivo Nacional.
Capacity: up to 700 pax

:: Praça da República, 173 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Tel. (21) 2179-1273

Casablanca Yacht

At the end of the 70's it was transformed in a luxurious particular yacht, becoming a stage of countless high society happenings.
It was also used for tours to international celebrities such as the French oceanographer Jacques Costeau, the Spanish singer Julio Iglesias and the rock group Guns 'n Roses.
Nowadays it has been constantly requested for the realization of social and tourist events on the sea.This converted minisweeper can accomodate events up to 200 people.

Casa França-Brasil

Don João VI asked the French architect Grandjean de Montigny to erect this building in 1819. It’s our first record of the neoclassic style, and was designed to be a stock market. In the beginning of the 1980’s, the house underwent the most complete remodeling that had ever been made.
In March 1990, the Casa França-Brasil was opened, paying homage to the historical bonds between the two countries and giving incentive, as a cultural center, to the enriching exchange between Brazil and France. It’s an impressive milieu for exclusive social events.
Capacity: 500 pax (when there are no exhibits).

Confeitaria Colombo

A living portrait of the Belle Époque in Rio, and one of the city's gourmet landmarks, the Confeitaria Colombo still retains much of its Art Nouveau charm dating back to the beginning of the century.
Its famous Belgian mirrors in their hardwood frames and rosewood showcases, Italian marble benches, ornate light fixtures, glossy floor and period furniture have been preserved intact, just as they were admired by many famous individuals who helped write the history of Brazil, while also making the Confeitaria Colombo a major downtown attraction.
There is a capacity for 150 people.

Espaço Cultural da Marinha

The Navy´s cultural space, which has a museum of navigation and underwater archeological exploration, can accommodate up to 120 people for dinner in its reception salon, or up to 250 for cocktails on its terrace.

Fortaleza de Santa Cruz

This fort, which guards the Bay of Guanabara, was estabilished as early as 1555. It is a fine example of military arquitecture, from which one can enjoy a truly spectacular view of Rio. A Colonial-era building which lends itself to themes parties fro 250 to 300 people, depending on the type of the event.

Ilha Fiscal

This neo-Gotical palace, host to the last imperial balls, is the ideal for parites of up tp 200 people.
For cocktail, 1300 can be arranged on the awning-covered terrace.

Largo do Boticário - Casa Rosa

The Institute Largo do Boticário, LARBÔ, is based in the Casa Rosa, one of the five houses that make up the architectural body of Largo do Boticário. The Colonial two-story house was the stage of the most charming edition of Casa Cor, an architectural event held yearly.
The historical traces of the real estate are everywhere, like the chapel dedicated to Santa Luzia, dated from XIX century, which is half hidden among the trees.
Actually, its beautiful garden is embedded in the National Park of Tijuca Forest. Its proximity to the Corcovado Train Station makes this Colonial environment a must for foreigner visitors, who may now have private social events scheduled there.
Capacity: up to 250 sitting and 500 standing pax.

Marina da Glória

In a privileged location at the edge of Gunabara Bay, with a view of downtown and beyond, this large space can be arrnged to host events for 1200 people for dinner and 3000 for cocktails.

Museu Histórico Nacional

Installed in a building dating to the colonial times, this interesting collection cover all periods of Brazilian History and has two great locations for groups: the Pátio da Minerva (200 people) and the Pátio dos Canhões (400 people).

Museu Nacional de Belas Artes

A neo-classical building, in front of the Teatro Municipal, houses a lovely collection of painting and sculpture mainly from 18th and 19th centuries.
Its doors opens for special parties of up to 750 people.

Palácio do Itamaraty

Former residence of the Count of Itamaraty, and after the seat of the Foreing Relations Ministry until 1970, its salons open onto na internal garden and mirrored pond.
The internal salon will hold 180 and the external pátio will hold another 120.

Parque das Ruínas

A special lookout, with the whole of Rio de Janeiro at one´s feet.
Once the home of a society hostess, the Ruins Park hosts a wide range of events in its auditorium.
Auditorium for up to 100 people or 200 visitors for cocktail.

Rio Scenarium

Located in a renovated warehouse on the edge of Lapa, Rio Scenarium is an antique store-turned-bar.
All the items you see are part of the inventory and many of its props have been used on movie sets. Head up to the second floor and you'll even find the full contents of an old-fashioned pharmacy, furniture, carriages, and many more items.This lovely building is the perfect setting for traditional Brazilian samba and choro. The acoustics are excellent and the tables centered around the stage and dance floor give everybody a great view.
The caipirinhas are the drink of choice and the snack menu offers better-than-average munchies.

:: Rua do Lavradio, 20 - Centro Antigo - Rio de Janeiro - RJ (near to Praça Tiradentes) - Tel: (21) 3147-9005

Tribuna B - Jockey Gávea

The Brazilian Jockey Club was founded in 1868, and moved its headquarters to Gávea in 1926. The Brazilian Grand Pix (Grande Prêmio Brasil), the most important horserace in Brazil is held at Gávea racetrack yearly, and every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday racing fans can enjoy horseracing events.
The betting area of Tribune B was recently changed into an excellent place for social events, with a large kitchen, restrooms and a parking area. Having a beautiful view of the racetrack, it’s possible to hold private social events combined with horse-race watching. There is also optional services like air conditioned and the setting up of a verandah.
Capacity of the hall: 300 sitting and 1600 standing pax.
The setting up of a verandah for up to 1000 pax.

Tropical Island Regente Feijó

A full day program leaving from Itacuruça (1h 30’ by bus from Rio) on a typical Brazilian schooner. Each vessel accomodates 40 to 80 passengers. There will be a samba trio and dusky dancing girls aborads teaching passengers the samba. The vessel will anchor at one of the many inlets for a refreshing dip next to a deserted beach. Lunch will be served on a Regente Feijó Private Island, with all facilities.
Any number of activities can follow, such as na olympic-style competiotion or a treasure hunt or even a simulated pirate attack.
The second option for this program is to leave Rio around noon, begin the schooner cruise later in the day, and thus arrive at the island as the sun sets. Dinner will be torch - it, with presentations of capoeira and candomblé (a pagan religious cerimony), finishing with a samba show and women in Bahian dress inviting to dance.
Places for Events
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