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Parque das Aves Tour (Bird’s Park)

Parque das Aves Tour (Bird’s Park)
The Bird Park is known as one of the most important tour attractions of Foz do Iguaçu. It is an environment area that combines the ecological tourism and preservation.
The trip goes through a trail of 1.000 square meters in native woods, where the visitor has the opportunity to spot more than 900 tropical birds of 150 species. This is the unique Park in South America that allow tourists to get in the aviaries and also get closer to the birds. Among other attractions, there is a butterfly cage, hummingbird aviaries, reptile sector, where snakes and alligators come close to the curious tourists.
The trip takes around 1 hour. The Park offers a complete infrastructure always keeping the safe and comfort for visitors, as far as, parking, snack bar and souvenir shop. Bilingual receptionists are also available to provide information and entertainment to the visitors.
The Bird Park is located on the Cataratas Road, 300 meters from the Iguassu National Park entrance.

Hours of operation:
Summer: from 8:00 to 6pm
Winter: from 8:30 to 5pm
Basic visit recommendations: Comfortable clothes and shoes are required.
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