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The vast Mato Grosso's Pantanal is the largest flood plain of the world, controlled by the ciclic seasons of the waters.

This phenomenon repeated at millions of years transformed the Swampland in an only complex - the largest humid surface of the planet - sheltering the largest reservation ictiológica of South America. In the Pantanal,, the waters command the rhythm of life for men and wildlife. It’s the largest periodically flooded area of the world with 230,000 km.

During summer, the rainy season, the animals take shelter in the higher grounds. This is the period in wcich the nature is exuberant. Normally, the rainy season goes from December toApril, but the Pantanal paln remains flooded up to the end of May. From then on, the waters start going down. It´s the ebbing. The synthesis of these two periods explodes into a wonderful show of natural life.

A sight to be rememberd forever. The fluvial basin, mainly composedby the Paraguai, Cuiabá, Piriqui and Sao Lorenço rivers plus thousand of interconnected intermittent water channels, wich hold a large quantity of fish species of all sizes, is also one of the responsible factors for the spectable.
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