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Panoramic City Tour (LOWER CITY)

Panoramic City Tour (LOWER CITY)
The lower city tour takes us to the quiet waters of the Itapagipe Peninsula where the first holiday residences were built. Now a peaceful family district , life moves at a slower pace than the bustling upper city. Fishermen fish from dug out canoes, locals collect shell fish at low tide, schooners are at anchor, all protected by the famous Bonfim church, one of the most important churches of pilgrimage in Brazil and deeply syncretised with the Candomblé. (visit). We continue to the Monserrat district with it's panoramic view of the city and on to the Mercado Modelo, a thriving market for local artefacts. It's time to bargain !
Duration: aproximately 03 hours.
Departures: 9:00am and 2:00pm.
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