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Maracanã Visit

Maracanã Visit
Maracana Visit: International symbol of soccer-land, preserves the history of the sport that looks just like Brazil.

Among the wonders of Rio, Maracanã, largest stadium in the world, is one of the country’s major tourist and cultural patrimonies. In the land of soccer, where this sport is a religion, many consider it the Temple of the Gods. It was built in 1950 for the World Cup, and designed to hold 166,369 spectators. Currently, after reforms, it can hold up to 114,145.

Its official name, Stadium Journalist Mario Filho, is a tribute to one of the most important Brazilian journalists, founder of the newspaper “Jornal dos Esportes”. On 16 June 1950, Maracanã was inaugurated with a match between a team from Rio and one from São Paulo. Since then it has been the stage of great triumphs of Brazilian soccer.

Passion, emotion and lots of adrenalin in the organized supporters shake the stadium and make the public delirious. A compulsory visit for national and international tourists, students and people of all ages, the giant has become internationally known and loses in popularity only to the statue of Christ and the Sugar Loaf.

The guided visits includes Hall of Hame, Sidewalk of Fame, Historical Photographs and Panoramic View.
Maracanã Visit
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