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Mamirauá Sustainable Reserve

Mamirauá Sustainable Reserve
The Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve is the largest Brazilian Protected area (1.124.000 ha) devoted to the conservation of flooded forests, an ecosystem which holds much biodiversity and many rare species. It was the first Brazilian conservation unit to give people a major share of responsibility for the management of its natural resources.

Mamirauá is a paradise which offers a unique experience to people who are fascinated by nature and are interested in integrating with local people. The ecotourism program was developed as a means for funding the Mamirauá project and providing and alternative source of income for local communities.

Thanks to the conservation efforts began in 1983, Mamirauá has become a wildlife refuge. Among the wildlife attractions, visitors will find endemic species like the white uakari monkey and the black headed squirrel monkey. Mamirauá is also home to others species like the Amazon pink river dolphin, the red howler monkey, the scarlet- macaw and the black Cayman. Other amazing creatures found in Mamirauá are the harpy eagle, the jaguar and the umbrella bird.

For Accommodation and program click on LOADGES/CRUISES at Uakari Floating Lodge.
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