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Jaqueira Pataxó Reserve

Jaqueira Pataxó Reserve
Nature has more than beautiful landscape to offer you.

Biodiversity – Preservation – Culture – Ecotourism – Environmental Education

The Atlantic Forest biodiversity is one of the richest in the world. And also, the most endangered one in the planet. Pataxó community that has always lived in these lands, knows better than anybody else how to preserve this natural asset.

Therefore, Jaqueira Pataxó Reserve, an area of 827 hectare, tottaly preserved and protected from man´s destruction. This area worked as an important link among the Indians, their culture and their habitat and the called “white man”.

Open to visitation, the Reserve offers a rare opportunity for the practical exercise of the environmental education, besides allowing a total integration with the Indian community. The visits are carried out in small groups and guided by Indian monitors, who explain in detail the characteristics of the region, the flora, the fauna, and the customs of their people. In this ride, the visitor has an opportunity to see how the Indians live, their food, their houses and the way they live, besides a closer contact to Atlantic Forest.

The itinerary of the visit includes:

- A talk about environment and Indian culture;
- Presentation of Indian weapons and ways of communication;
- Walking on the trails of the Atlantic Forest with Indians stories;
- Presentation of traditional food: fish in the patioba, cauim (manioc wine), tapioca beju, baked and cooked;
- “Kijeme do Pajé” Ritual
- Presentation of bows and arrows;
- Indian Dance.
Duration: approximately 03 hours
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