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J. Araujo Atelier & Restaurant (Groups only)

J. Araujo Atelier & Restaurant (Groups only)
Atelier J. Araújo - Naif Art and Restarurant for Groups only

Typical Brazilian “feijoada”, prepared and served by naive artist J. Araujo in his own atelier, in huge ceramic pans, Brazilian caipirinha, peanuts and coconut batida, black beans and separate meats, finely cut vegetables, “farofa”, rice, and a variety of sauces, including Araujo’s pepper mix. Dessert and coffee close the meal.
J. Araujo, who is from Bahia, welcomes by previous appointment in his Atelier in Vargem Pequena, where he lives since 1962. He is always ready to speak about both his work and Brazilian naive art in general.

The Atelier is a cosy, unique place, where the painter’s art can be seen all around - in the furniture, mosaic pieces, plates, glasses, cups, paintings, faianza objects, and porcelain mugs. All the items are for sale. Situated in the west zone of Rio, at the foot of forested Maciço da Pedra Branca (White Stone Massif), the Atelier was all built by the artist himself, using demolition materials.
The Atelier is open for private groups only, min of 10 and mac to 56 pax.
Open from Sunday to Sunday.
Pre reservation required.
Enlgish and French spoken.
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