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Iguazu Falls - Argentinean Side

Iguazu Falls - Argentinean Side
The Argentinian Falls are located in the Iguassu National Park, 28 kilometers from Foz do Iguaçu and 45 kilometers from the Cataratas Hotel.
Visitors are taken across a bridge of 480 meters in length built by both countries in 1985 and, despite the official name, "President Tancredo Neves Bridge", it is locally known by the name of "Fraternity Bridge" because it joins the two fraternal countries, which have customs and immigration checkpoints in the area.

The site where the bridge was built is approximately 20 kilometers downstream from the waterfalls and about 2 kilometers upstream from the confluence of the Iguaçu and the Parana rivers, where, from a belvedere, visitors can enjoy the view of "The Three Borders" of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

Once at the Iguazu Nacional Park, visitors will go from the visitors center to the falls by train (moved by ecological Fuel.)

The tour inside the park is divided into three parts:
- Upper Circuit - A 1200 meters footbridge above the falls whitch provides us with a breathtaking view of the gorgeous waterfalls.
- Lower Circuit - A 1700 meters circle trail with another splendid view of the falls!
Devil's Throat - Is located in the upper
Iguassu River and to get there we walk about 1100 along a footbridge, we have a rest area and we arrive at the observation point.

Passport required.
The visit takes about 3 hours.
Time zone on Summer: 1.00 before Brazil.
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