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Half Day Tour to Guanabara’s Bay

Half Day Tour to Guanabara’s Bay
On january 1st 1502, a portuguese squad, commanded by Andre Gonçalves, discovered the Guanabara Bay and, judging to be a great river, and beeing january he gave it the name of Rio de Janeiro.
It is the largest bay of the world in volume of water, it has several islands, as the Goversnor's island, Fundão and Snakes island.
In the west margin we see Rio de Janeiro, and East the municipal district of Niteroi. A city vision is discovered as we leave " Marina da Gloria " by Saveiro, neighborhoods of Botafogo, Flamengo, Urca, Sugar Loaf, Fort São Joao, Flagstone Island, Santa Cruz Fortress, Rio- Niteroi Bridge etc...
Transfer hotel - Marina da Gloria - hotel is included.
Duration: 04 hours
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