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Half Day City Tour of São Paulo

Half Day City Tour of São Paulo
The Kaleidoscope of Immigrants, who bestowed their various cultures while adding to the progress, beauty and history of this city high on a plateau, is infinitely visible. from its inception in 1554 when the Indians worked together with the Portuguese to build school and small village, to the contributions of European architects, engineers, Italian laborers (who, it is said, “constructed” São Paulo) and Japanese agriculturists, São Paulo has embraced and given opportunies to all who arrive her. there is much to see in this city of 13,5 million only São Paulo.

On the tour through the city you will pass the residential area of Higienópolis with its modern apartment-buildings, the Pacaembu soccer stadium, the medicine school, the Hospital das Clinicas, the university campus with its various departments.

A stop will be made at the Butantan snake farm, a world known institution where snakes are kept for poison extraction, which later is used as antidote against snake bites and tropical disease.
A stop for the photo lovers will be made at the top of Morumbi hill, a panoramic view of the upper part of the city can be seen. At the Morumbi area, you will visit (the outside only) of the state government Palace Morumbi, and soccer stadium of São Paulo, as well as the residential area of Europe Garden.

One of the highlight’s of the tour is the Ibirapuera Park with beautiful gardens and lakes. At the entrance to this park, visitors can admire the famous monument of the Bandeirantes by victor brecheret. To the left of this monument is situated the moderm chamber of deputies building. Inside the park is the monument of the constitutionalist soldier, a mausoleum in memory of those republicans who fell in 1932 revolution.

There is also the city hall, the planetarium and the Bienal, where exhibitions of international art can be seen the whole year. You will pass also by Praça da Republica, Itália building, Praça Roosevelt and Paulista Avenue.

Note: Butanta institute and museums are closed on Mondays.
Duration: 04 hours
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