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Half Day City Tour in Fortaleza

Half Day City Tour in Fortaleza
Fortaleza, which is today the country’s 5th largest capital in the number of inhabitants, is a town which has retained its quiet, peace full and hospitable atmosphere.

The stream-lined modern downtown, teeming with top-rate hotels, international class restaurants and excellent entertainment and leisure places, as well as the old town which is a guardian of the best of its past and traditions.

The old light-house in Mucuripe, our lady of assumption fortress, the historical and Antrhopological Museum, the Central Place, the former Public Prison building now turned into an up-to-date tourist center, and much more, linking past to present time.

This city tour, is a sightseeing ride through the city, lasting about 3 hours, full of beauty, packed with emotions and pleasant surprises.
Duration: 03 hours
Frequency: Daily (mornings at 9 am at afternnons at 14h)
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