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Half Day Buggy Tour to Genipabu’s Beach

Half Day Buggy Tour to Genipabu’s Beach
This tour by buggy will go north, and cross the Potengi River on a ferry boat. An expert buggy driver will offer a wonderful experience to the tourist, riding a rollercoast sensation on the fixed and mobile dunes of Jenipabu (40 min), then tour proceed to the north passing through 07 beaches and 03 lagoons until Muriú. During the tour there are stops to take photos + swim. Lunch is not included. Return to hotel at 16:00hs.
Remark´s: The listed price in this tour is for a buggy with capacity of 04 pax´s. For the best comfort we recommended 03 pax´s per buggy.
Duration: 03 hours
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