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Golden Lion Tamarin Reserve

Golden Lion Tamarin Reserve
Golden Lion Tamarin Conservation Project - Poço das Antas Biological Reserve

Biome/Ecosystem: Atlantic Rainforest
Gateway: Rio de Janeiro - 2h driving to reserve
Length: Full day
Activities: hiking, observe the golden lion tamarin
Level: Easy
Suggested Extension: Wolly Spider Monkey

One of the best-known rainforest conservation efforts in Brazil, the Golden Lion Tamarin Conservation Project (GLTCP), is a mere two-hour drive from the city of Rio de Janeiro. The Golden Lion Tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia), a strikingly beautiful squirrel-sized primate, that exists only in the lowland Atlantic Rainforest of the state of Rio de Janeiro, is one of the most endangered primate species on earth.All of the approximately 1000 remaining wild individuals are found in the Poço das Antas Biological Reserve and the surrounding private land.

Program Summary
07:00 h Rio de Janeiro - Silva Jardim
Airport or Hotel pick up. Transfer Rio-Silva Jardim, where the reserve is located.

09:00 h - Reintroduction area (farm according with reintroduction staff)
Arrival to reintroduction area, where Golden Lion Tamarins are being reintroduced to their natural habitat, with the supervision and guidance of Golden Lion Tamarin Conservation Project technical staff. Tracking through trails in the forest to observe the specimens in reintegration in their natural habitat.

11:00 h Golden Lion Tamarin Project
Visit to the Environment Educational Center.

12:30 h Fazenda Bom Retiro
Transfer Fazenda RPPN Bom Retiro Farm for lunch. The place has an informal but warm atmosphere where travelers will have a Brazilian regional meal. Buffet service.

15:30 h Silva Jardim - Rio de Janeiro
Return to Rio. Estimated time arrival: 17:30 h.

General Information
Important A percentage of visitors' fee will be hand out to the Golden Lion Tamarin Project.
Included Transfer in/out, driver guide in English, lunch at the farm, hiking with the staff to watch the animals.
Not included Lodging
Capacity Maximum of 15 travelers.
Easy Level Program.
Guide English. Other idioms upon request.
Personal Gear Long sleeved shirt, jeans or tracksuit, sneakers or hiking boots, mosquito repellent.
Optional Gear Video and/or photo camera(s) & films, penknife, raincoat, small backpack.
Note - A contribtuion to the project is included in the price. Due the research character of this project, booking capacity is very limited.
Program not available on weekend.
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