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Full Day Tour to Meeting of the Waters

Full Day Tour to Meeting of the Waters
The excursion to the meeting of the waters between Rio Negro and Solimões leaves from the floating dock, navigating downstream the Rio Negro and observing at left bank the city of Manaus, some wooden houses - a typical building, the floating gas station, the Main Market and Educandos creek. We proceed to the meeting of the waters where the muddy waters of the Solimões River run side by side with the dark ones of the Rio Negro without mixing. Having good luck, we can see some species of Boto Tucuxi (Sotalia Fluviatalis) and Boto rosa (Inia Geoffrensis), dolphin frolicking above the water. After that, the boat take you across the Rio Negro to the Janauary Ecological Park which afford you a wonderful opportunity to canoe amidst creeks and flooded forests with their exotic fauna and flora, including the famous Victoria Regia water lilies. In summer time, creeks disappear because of the low level of the rivers, so instead of going to Janauary Park we visit Terra Nova island where you see Cocoa plantations and natives extracting latex from heave trees.

Duration: 7 horas e 1/2, the tour may be changed depending on the level of the waters
From 09:00AM to 04:30PM
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