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Full Day Cachoeira Country ride

Full Day Cachoeira Country ride
We leave the city behind and drive through the oldest farmland in Brazil. This is the land of sugar-cane and tobacco plantations, peaceful colonial towns and busy country markets. We visit an experiemental cacau plantation. Neaby we stop at a small but self-sufficient farmstead with its own manioc flour mill and have a great insight into rural life in Brazil.
We lunch in Cachoeira, a charming colonial town in a beautiful setting on the banks of the Paraguassu River and later take a walking tour of the town with its many wood sculptors ateliers, bustling market (Wed., Fri. and Sat.) and visit the Sisterhood of the Boa Morte, a sorority which traces its origins back to the time of slavery .
A journey back in time to the Brazil of yesteryear.
Duration: 09 hours
Hotel departure: 08:00.
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