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F/D Island Schooner Cruise Itaparica

F/D Island Schooner Cruise Itaparica
After our transfer from the hotel, we board a schooner and cruise to two of the 36 islands in this sparkling bay.
Our first stop is Frades (or Monk's) Island where we anchor at a tranquil beach, swim in the inviting waters, or relax in the sun or the shade. Then we continue our cruise to the larger Itaparica Island for lunch. After lunch we have the opportunity to take a walking tour of the colonial town of Itaparica and visit the mineral water springs with its legendary rejuvenating properties (optional tour).
We return to the schooner for our return journey to Salvador with the setting sun flooding the city in it's warm glow.

Duration: 09 hours.
Hotel departure: 08:00am.
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