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Eco Tour - Waterfalls & Distilleries 5h

Eco Tour - Waterfalls & Distilleries 5h
This five hour tour leaves at 11:00am from Paraty Tours and goes into the beautiful surroundings of the National Florest of Serra da Bocaina.
The first stop is at the old distillery at Cachaca where you can see the producion of, and sample, the tradicional Brazilian spirit, Cachaca.
Afterwards you are driven the 5km to another clear waterfall - Tobogan - and for those of you who are more daring, you may take the opportunity to slide down the exciting natural "waterslide" which is formed by a smooth 30m rock face. (At your own risk!)
After this you travel to an old farm at Murycana and take a twenty minute trek to another beautiful waterfall - Poço Ingles - set in the best preserved part of this charming rainforest, literally a haven for flora and fauna, and then onto another waterfull, Pedra branca.
Depending on the time we either eat lunch here or slightly later at the Pereque river at a picturesque restaurant.
The Tour returns to Jabaquara beach before stopping at the four hundred year old fort, and then returning to Paraty. You'll find each of these locations mentioned in the "Lonely Planet" Guide To Brazil.

Included in the price are the admission fee to the farm, binoculars, mineral water and insect repellent should the need arise!! (Lunch is not included).

All our tours are guided by an experienced guide, with historical and ecological material about that region.
Duration: 5 Hours

Departure: 11:00am
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