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Dunes Adventure

Dunes Adventure
The ride:
This ride is just perfect to those who want to know very unknown places in a 4x4 vehicle with an English, Spanish and Portuguese speaking guide who will take you to the dunes of Tucuns Beach. Then, we are going to know the Pau Brasil Reserve, also famous by its great amount of cactus.

Right after that, in the 4x4 vehicle, we are going to cross a land road into the reserve where we will be able to see the several species of bromelia and typical plants of this reserve.

Be prepared not to be out of breath when finding the perfect Peró Beach. It is usually desert, with crystalline waters and its white sand. We will have a stop there to diving before knowing the Peró Dunes, until arriving to the Mother Dune, where we will be able to see the ocean.

Duration: 3 hours.

Frequency: Daily.

Departures:9:00 am, 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm

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