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Curuípe and Espelho Beach

Curuípe and Espelho Beach
We will start with the ferryboat crossing between Porto Seguro and Arrial D´Ajuda, passing by the village and following by BA 001 roads to the famous and bucolic Trancoso village. Then, there will be 13 km of dirt road to the beautiful beach of Curuipe. Part of the trail is within the Atlantic Forest, then a beautiful meadow, with large buffalo farms. When reaching the paradisiacal beach of Curuipe, we all can swim to the famous Espelho beach and also get a trail up to the top of a hill, from where we have a fantastic view of the region. On the beach, there are some small restaurants, which will provide the food. As per Veja magazine, Curuipe beach is one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the Brazilian coast.
We will also visit Itaporanga village, an important community of craftsmen, who prepare several kinds of crafts using coconut as raw material.
Duration: 8 hours
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