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Cassino – Puerto Iguazu – Argentina

Cassino – Puerto Iguazu – Argentina
The region is a reference for those who appreciate the emotion of the Casinos. They are located both in Paraguay and Argentina.

Casino Iguazu is worth mentioning, located in the small and warmthful Puerto Iguazu Argentina. It is known as one of the most beautiful and sophisticated Casino of Latin America. It offers two large rooms, with jesuitic architecture, where roulette tables, Black Jack, Baccarat, Poker, Craps, more than a hundred modern slot machines and other modern electronic entertainment are available.

The bar service and restaurant offers a unique attraction. The bar offers a great variety of exotic drinks, with live music. El Jardin Restaurant, is a delightful experience for gourmets, which offers regional dishes, internationally recognized. The Cuisine of Casino Iguazu was considered the best one of the region by the West Coast Chefs Association.

Iguazu Grand Hotel is located close to the Casino. A luxury!
Casino opens daily at 6 pm (Argentinean time), but occasionally works 24 hours. (holidays)
Basic visit recommendations: Elegant clothes.
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