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Situated 260 kilometres from Campo Grande, capital of the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, the town of Bonito and all its surrounding region has countless grottoes, caves, springs, natural aquaria, waterfalls, lakes and archaeological sites.

The Baía Bonita Aquarium is one of the best known places in the region. Situated on the Anhumas estate, 21 kilometres from the small city, the cave, discovered by the Terena Indians in 1924, provides a magnificent morning spectacle: between 7.30 am and 9.30 am, the sun's rays enter the cave and are reflected in the water, turning it blue and creating steam that rises in the colours of the rainbow.

The cave's stalactites are also reflected in the waters of the lake, creating a mirror image. The Lago Azul (Blue Lake) is a pre-historic site where in 1992, Brazilian and French divers discovered animal fossils around ten million years old, including those of a giant sloth.
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This small aquatic playground has caves with lakes and amazing stalactite formations, beautiful waterfalls and incredibly clear rivers surrounded by lush forest.

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