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Black Well Trail

Black Well Trail
The excursion begins on a 320-meter suspended footbridge in the heart of the National Park followed by a 9 km one-way trail that can be covered on foot or by bicycle (conventional or electric).

On this stretch, perfectly beautiful specimens of flora and fauna native to the Iguassu National Park can be seen.

At the end of the trail there will be a short break to rest.

At this point, a suspension bridge leads to a rustic 500-meter trail, at the end of which exists a 10-meter high observation tower. From the tower a panoramic view of the forest can be had, especially of Lagoa do Jacare (Alligator Pond), in which a great diversity of aquatic animals are concentrated.

In succession, navigation of the upper Iguassu River is made, passing by the Arquipelago das Taquaras (Bamboo Archipelago), with the option of an excursion in ducks (inflatable kayaks) and snorkeling to observe aquatic vegetation.

The entire excursion is made with the accompaniment of skilled guides.

The return is made via the rapids passing Ilha dos Papagaios (Parrot Island), where at sunrise and sunset the flight of thousands of parrots can be seen.

Disembarkation can be made at Porto Bananeiras (Banana Tree Port) or Porto Canoas (Canoe Port).
Black Well Trail
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