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Amazon Clipper Premium - 3 days/2 nights

Amazon Clipper Premium - 3 days/2 nights
DAY 1 - Monday - Depart Hotel Tropical landing-stage at 14:30h. Presentation on board of staff, route and facilities. Welcome drink. Navigation past Manaus to the Xiborena region. Canoe trip in smaller creeks to see life on the flood plains: jute, market-garden produce, rubber trees, as well as flood plain forest and lakes with giant water lilies ( in season ). This trip returns after sunset, so that we can observe night life, including caimans. Navigations up the Amazon ( the upper part of it called Solimões by the natives ) to lake Janauaca. Dinner on the way.

DAY 2 - Tuesday - Early morning canoe trip for bird-watching. There are good chances of seeing Hoatzins and large flocks of Egrets and Cirmorants. Breakfast. Visit to the inhabitants of the lake who live from manioc plantations, fishing, diverse fruit trees, rubber, Brazil-nut trees, wood and other extractive products. Walk in the forest with commentaries by the specialist. Lunch. Navigation. Fishing for piranhas and other types of fish. Dinner. Night trip to see nocturial animals, sometimes including night-hawk, snakes, toro-rats, sloths and frogs. Navigation downstream on the Amazon.

DAY 3 - Wednesday - Early morning bird-watching trip in the Janauary Ecological Park and nearby water ways. Breakfast. Navigation to the "Meeting of the Waters". Observation. Navigation back to Manaus with views of the floating docks, market, old custom house and houses on stilts, to the Hotel Tropical landing-stage arriving at 11:30 am. End of services.

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Region: Amazon Clipper Premium
Area: 3 days/2 nights

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