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Amazon - Uakari Floating Lodge - 5D/4N

Amazon - Uakari Floating Lodge - 5D/4N

Package 5 Days/4 Nights

Pick up at 11:20 am (Tuesdays only) & Check out at 08:30 am (Saturdays only)

Day 1 - TUE: Pick up is at 11:20 at Tefé Airport and transfer to the Areia Branca Pier.

Departing around 12:00 from Areia Branca Pier, by boat, you can enjoy the breeze and the magic scenery. You might even be able to spot wildlife, such as pink dolphins at Tefé Lake and tucuxis in the Amazonas River.

The arrival is around 14:00 at the Uakari Lodge, our staff will be waiting for you. There will always be an English-speaking person at the lodge. Our staff will give you rapid recommendations and explanations on the running of the lodge (meal times, solar power, water, no swimming, etc) and you will be asked to fill in the visitors registration form. At this time you will be able to meet all the employees responsible for making an excellent stay.

All outings have to be accompanied by a local guide and some of them a naturalist guide, you must listen to the their recommendations at all times, specially those regarding your own safety.

At 15:30 the local guide will accompany you in a trail or in a traditional canoe, in the heart of the forest, where you will have the opportunity to view various species of animals.

The dinner will be served around 18:30. After dinner you will have the opportunity to hear a talk about the ecosystem and about the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Institute – its work, its research, etc. The naturalist guide will do the presentation at 19:30.

After the presentation you can watch a movie or go to sleep hearing the sounds of the forest.

Day 2 - WED: If you choose to visit a local village, the morning is the time to do it. The Ecotourism program has had plenty of discussion with the local communities about those visits and agreed an informal itinerary with a series of attractions they would like to show and talk about. A person from the community will meet your group and show you around (please see the detailed information sheet about village visits). Depending on the village, you might have the opportunity to buy locally produced handicrafts - take small change with you.

If you choose not to visit a village you can go for another tour with your local guide.

The lunch will be served at 12:30. After lunch, you can rest in a hammock, watch a video about researches done at Mamirauá or an award-winning BBC documentary on Mamirauá, read a book, or just chat - outings will only be carried out when the sun goes down a little

In the afternoon you will go to another hiking or canoe tour, always exploring a different region of the reserve.

This night, we invite researchers that are working in the ecotourism area for dinner, after the dinner they give a presentation about their works.

Day 3 - THU:Animals in the forest wake up at sunrise, so if you are interested in sighting as much wildlife as possible, you have to wake up early. The breakfast is served at 06:30, at 7:00 the activities begin; you will be ready to go on a walk (during the dry season) in one of the trails. You will be taken with your whole group to do an Interpretative Trail. The naturalist and the local guide, joining scientific and traditional knowledge will help you to interpret the varzea's environment (flooded forest).

Our trails are designed not to be physically straining and most of them can be walked in three hours at the longest.

During the flood (May-July), all trails will be done in a small paddle canoe (your guide will paddle you through the trail).

In the afternoon you have a choice to accompany a researchers team and participate of their field works and supplementing the technical information given last night. Or if you prefer, you can go to another wildlife viewing tour, travelling around the landscapes, channels and lakes system that compose part of the varzea's ecosystem.

After the dinner, be ready to do a night tour with high chances to see the nocturnal fauna, as spiders, opossum, two-toed sloth, rats, bats, etc.

Day 4 - FRI: In your last day in the Reserve, you are more used to the forest, if you are really quiet and set out early enough, you might see even more wildlife like capuchin monkeys, howlers, uakaris and squirrel monkeys, three toed sloths, hoatzins, etc. If you prefer you can practise a traditional fish or piranha fishing.

In this afternoon you will be taken on a motorised canoe to lake Mamirauá, a beautiful lake inside the total preservation area of the Reserve. At the lake you will probably have memorable encounters with pink river dolphins, hoatzins and perhaps the pirarucu fish. You will stay there until the sunset and on your way back you will spot caimans, bats, night birds…

The Dinner is at 20:00 and with luck the jaguar. So you can enjoy your last night to talk to the staff, to see another kind of documentary or just pack for the next morning. Your departure will be early, during the beautiful Amazonian sunrise.

Day 5 - SAT: Breakfast and check out. Transfer to Tefé.


The Uakari Floating Lodge is located inside the Mamiraua Reserve and concentrates ecotourism activities.

Accommodation in Mamirauá is simple, comfortable, and has been designed for minimum environmental impact. The Uakari floating Lodge has 10 simple, comfortable and ample apartments with solar energy and a sewage filtration system.

At the central floating house, guests find the restaurant, video room, library, deck. The restaurant offers a varied menu with plenty of flesh, chicken, (red meat is not served) and vegetarian food is optional and must be requested in advance, regional fruits and juices.

The Mamirauá ecotourism program offers a series of activities including excursions with local guides in channels, lakes and trails in the forest; visits to local riverside villages in order to interact and get to know the Amazonian population way of life and also the unique opportunity to contribute to a pioneer conservation project.


* Transfers: regular boat transfer from Tefé arpt or hotel to Lodge and vice - versa.

Pick up at 11h20am and Drop off at 08h30am.

* CHD policy: children under 12 years old are not acceptable.

* Package includes:

Regular Transfers in Tefe (taxi and boat); full board meal plan without beverages; tours as described in the packages with bilingual guide assistance and accommodation.

* Uakari packages have set-up days for check in and check out, as follows:

04 nights package - Tue to Sat

03 nights package – Sat to Tue

07 nights package – Tue to Tue (requires a min of 4 pax)

* It is important to mention that the activities described above can be changed because of environmental factors, water level variation and climate conditions.

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Region: Amazon
Area: Uakari Floating Lodge

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