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Amazon - Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge - 6D/5N

Amazon - Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge - 6D/5N
Package Anavilhanas IV - (6 days/5 nights)

1st Day

08:00 – Pick up at Manaus Hotels leaving to the Lodge in Van (3hs)
11:30 – Welcome juice and room check-in
12:00 - Lunch
15:00 – Tour through Anavilhanas archipelago in regional boats (3h)
19:00 – Dinner
21:00 – Alligators spotting (1-2 hours)

2nd Day

07:00 – Breakfast
08:30 – Jungle hike (2 h aprox.)
12:00 – Lunch
15:00 – Visit to the river pink dolphin and Piranhas fishing (2-3 h aprox.)
19:00 – Dinner

3rd Day

05:00 – Sun rise contemplation and bird watching in canoes (1-2 hours)
07:00 – Breakfast
08:30 – Piranhas fun fishing (3hs)
12:00 – Lunch
15:00 – Visit to the Tiririca’s Community to an introduction about some of their costumes (3hs)
19:00 – Dinner

4th Day

07:00 – Breakfast
08:30 – Regional canoe rowing through the region’s creeks and flooded forest (2-3hs)
12:00 – Lunch
14:30 - Visit to a Snake yard (2hs)
19:00 – Dinner

5th Day

07:00 – Breakfast
08:30 – Departure to Madadá’s Caves in a fast boat to an exciting hike in the jungle (3-4hs)
12:00 – Lunch in Madadá’s Sightseeing
13:30 – Visiting Madadá’s Creeks and surroundings (1-2hs)
16:00 – Departure to the Lodge
19:00 – Dinner

6th Day

07:00 – Breakfast
08:30 – Bow and Arrow practice with real Waimiri-Atroari Indians weapons (2 hs)
12:00 – Lunch
14:00 – Transfer out to Manaus.

The activities above do not necessarily follow this order and the arrangements of the tours may be changed by the reception on the guest’s arrival.
Guest arriving at the Manaus Airport until 14hs will only be able to do the night activity in the first day.
Guest leaving in the afternoon flights from Manaus will have to leave from the Lodge in the morning transfer.
Guide included in Portuguese, English and Spanish. For other languages, please consult us for suplement.
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Region: Amazon
Area: Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

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