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Amazon - Amazon Lodge

Amazon - Amazon Lodge

The Amazon Lodge was inaugurated in 1982 and is the pioneer for sustainable tourism development in the Brazilian Biomes of the Amazon Rainforest. It is located just 4 hours away (80 km or 50 miles) from Manaus, on the South bank of the Amazonas River, upstream Juma River.

Accommodations: The Amazon Lodge consists of a central "open air" floating module. There are 6 floating modules with all necessary infrastructure and 18 apartments (fans for all rooms available), all with bug screens and two single beds, 3 central showers and 3 central toilets. Verandah and Bar with hammocks. Maximum capacity is 32 travelers in double rooms. No hot water is available (water temperature is usually 26-32 degrees Celsius, all the year around).

Restaurants and Bars - The Roof top restaurant has a typical architecture, rustic and all mosquito screened with a great atmosphere for experimenting delicious local cuisine.

Leisure and Services : Recreation Area - large sun deck, where you can swim, sun bath, read and relax with nature.


*Transfer: 4 hours (combined transfer in motorized canoe crossing the meeting of waters, by van and then by speed boat)

Daily departures: 14:00 h

Transfer procedures:

1) Manaus (AIRPORT OR HOTEL) - Ceasa port: 1/2-hour trip by van or microbus.

2) Ceasa port to Careiro town by boat, around 45 min, via the “Meeting of the Waters “ phenomena.

3) Careiro town to Araça by van over dirt road , around 45 min.

4) Araça to the lodge by speedboat, through channels and creeks, around 1 1/4 hr.

Daily return transfers to Manaus (AIRPORT OR HOTEL) with arrival at 12 noon.

* No guarantee of air conditioning on any of the transports, not even the vans.

Packages include: accommodations, all meals and drinks (Brazilian wines, beers, caipirinha, soft drinks and water), land and boat transportation, tours and biligual local guide assistance.

RECONNAISSANCE TOUR [ Duration: 3 hours ]

Departure around 09:00 h or 15:00 h in motorized canoe with guide to visit the river area inlets. Introduction to the different kinds of ecosystems and our rich biodiversity.

SUNRISE TOUR [ Duration: 2 hours ]

Early departure around 05:30 h in motorized canoe with guide to admire the sunrise in the Amazon. See thousands of birds leaving their nests in the early morning. Return in time for breakfast.

SUNSET TOUR [ Duration: 2 hours ]

Evening departure around 17:30 h in motorized canoe with guide to admire the sunset in the Amazon. See a few hundred birds coming in for their rest on a enchanted island. Return in time for dinner.

JUNGLE TREK [ Duration: 3 hours ]

Departure at 09:00h or 15:00h walking or in motorized canoe with guide until appropriate area to enter the jungle. The guide will lead trekkers on a hike through the rainforest, educating them about the local flora and fauna, giving strong emphasis on our biodiversity.

FISHING TRIP [ Duration: 3 hours ]

Departures around 09:00 h or 15:00 h in a guided motorized canoe to try to catch local fish, such as tucunaré, tambaqui and specially the voracious piranha. Afterwards, guests will learn about the way of preparing a nice barbecued fish in the jungle.

CAIMAN SPOTTING [ Duration: 2 hours ]

Departure around 20:00 h in motorized canoe with guide, in search of alligators called "caimans". Once they are paralyzed by the flashlight, their eyes go red, enabling to easily locate and catch them by bare hands. After a short time of observation we put them back into the water again.

NATIVE "CABOCLO" DWELLING [ Duration: 02 hours ]

Approx. departure at 09.00 h and 15.00 h in canoe to learn about the customs and way of life of the caboclos, these native inhabitants, descendants of Indians

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