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Amazon - Amazon Geo

Amazon - Amazon Geo
Located on the right bank of Rio Negro, in the sustainable reserve of Tupé, the hotel is classified in the special category of jungle hotel. Built in Manaus, was taken to its final location after it is finished.

The hotel's architecture is native and the complex consists of two blocks built on a floating base, so the variation in waters level is not a problem. There are catwalks that connect the hotel to the beaches.

The project was conceived by Edilson Honorato, owner of Amazon Ambassador Group, who has been closely monitoring the activity of jungle tourism for last twenty years.
The hotel has been meticulously designed in every detail: With a privileged location, the hotel has private beaches and a lake giving greatest freedom for guests. The speedboats can make the transfers in just 30 minutes. The transfer (pick up) occur at any time, which does not require one night in Manaus.

The Amazon Geo has 53 rooms, all with air-conditioning, TV, refrigerator and hot shower.

The native fishing, pool, kayaks and the paddle boats are free.

The complex also offers internet service and it has a convention hall, which has capacity for 100 people.

The care they had with the comfort and security makes the interaction with the forest becomes an unforgettable experience.
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Region: Amazon
Area: Amazon Geo

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