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Amazon - Acajatuba Jungle Lodge

Amazon - Acajatuba Jungle Lodge

The Acajatuba Jungle Lodge is an ecological hotel located on the banks of the Acajatuba River, a tributary of the Rio Negro (Black River), in the city limit of Iranduba, approximately 32 miles away from Manaus, the capital city of the Amazon. It is near the world’s largest complex of river islands, Anavilhanas Archipelago (over 400 islands).

Transportation to the lodge is mainly through regional boats. It takes approximately 3 hours by boat to the lodge with a direct trip and approximately 4 ½ hours if it includes the meeting of the waters. There is also the possibility of transportation by car, in which a ferry-boat is utilized to cross the river, and then a road is taken for approximately 30 miles until the Ubim Lake, where the trip continues by motorized canoes for another hour.

The structure of the Lodge was based on the native’s homes, built with rustic wood and covered with palm tree. To focus on the best interest of our guest and for safety procedures, our various sections (bar, restaurant, reception and gift shop) are elevated from the ground and connected by walk-ways, which have parrots, macaws, monkeys, and parquets living freely on the way. There is also a 27 meter high observation tower, presenting spectacular views of the river and the forest.

Accommodation is provided by rustic bungalows, offering 40 guest rooms distributed in 20 bungalows. Each bungalow has two guest rooms with screened windows, and private bathrooms with running water from natural springs. Our guest’s rooms can be utilized as single, double or triple rooms.

Service wise, we offer permanent bar services and the meals are served in a buffet style restaurant which has a panoramic view of the river and the forest.

Electricity is provided at night only by the use of a generator, which is turned off late at night to create a completely natural environment.



*Transfers (3h 30m of boat ride)

- Regular Transfer Manaus/Lodge at 8 am (pick up at hotel in Manaus) and 1:00 pm (pick up at the airport).

- Regular transfer from Lodge to Manaus at 7:30 am (arriving in Manaus at 12:00h) and 2:30 pm (arriving in Manaus at 6:00pm).

* The Meeting of Waters visit is included only on departures at 8:00 am from Manaus.

*All the services are offered according to the above descriptions. Any change needs to be requested previously;

* Any additional service needs to be previously requested and approved;

* All the tours offered can be changed according to the guide tour;

* Children under or equal 5 years old are complimentary, between 6-12 years old, 50% off;

* Packages include: Transfers in and out, accommodations, excursions, meals, and bilingual guides.

* Drinks are not included;

* Only packages with morning departures include the meeting of the waters.

2 - 30 Days
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Region: Amazon
Area: Acajatuba Jungle Lodge

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