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All Day Tour to the Morro Branco’s beach and Fonte

All Day Tour to the Morro Branco’s beach and Fonte
Post–card scenery indeed, located 79km away from Fortaleza, Morro Branco’s fame has certainly spread out worldwide for the fact that the beach features on its coast line the famous multi-coloured sand dunes, the raw material fundamental to the making of one of Ceara’s best prized souvenirs, handicraft: the bottles and glass jars were all sort of scenery and landscape are depicted, make up from the finest colorful sands, which are to be found in the sand dunes.

In the vicinity of Morro Branco lies the infamous beach of Praia da Fontes (water-springs beach). This beach has won the acclaim for water sports, and as its name suggests, the fame granted to this beach was brought about thanks to one of nature’s marvels, which dotted the beach with a lovely set of cristal- clear fresh water spings that sprout from the ground and spill over down to the beach, thus providing an invigoranting fresh – water shower after a salt water dip in the sea.
Duration: 08 hours
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