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All Day Tour to Barra do Cunhaú (lunch is not incl

All Day Tour to Barra do Cunhaú (lunch is not incl
Tour operates daily leaving at 08:30h.
The tour will take the BR 101 (Brazil´s coastal road that runs along the country´s east coast) as far as Canguaretama, a typical small town in the northeast of Brazil. Barra de Cunhaú is na delightful place where visitors can relax on it´s beautiful beaches. Na optional boat tour during 02 hours through clear water, an untouched swamp area and virgin beach formed by mouth of Cunhaú river is recommended. Barra de Cunhaú has infra structure of bars and restaurants where the optional lunch will be served. After lunch time return to Natal.
Duration: 07 to 08 hours
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