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African-Oriented Historical City Tour

African-Oriented Historical City Tour
AM/PM departure.
We trace the African roots of Salvador on a city tour which combines the newer, modern section and the older Historical Center of Salvador, the Pelourinho area, so called after the pillory which stood in the main square, in front of the central slave market. This area is now a symbol of the Black Movement in Bahia and the home of many places of interest to those wishing to trace this underlying African influence. We visit the Afro-Brazilian Museum, which traces the West African origins of the city, and see the superb wooden sculpted panels of the orixá's by Salvador's most celebrated artist, Carybé. Museum entrance fee included. We visit the Sociedade Protectora dos Desvalidos founded in 1832, 56 years before the eventual abolition of slavery. Originally a fraternity of ex-slaves who helped others to freedom, the Society still works in the community to this day. We visit the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, the famous Black church, built with meager resources over a period of almost 100 years. The Casa do Benin (Benin House) nearby further investigates this permeating African influence. We look in on artists and sculptors at work and let the senses do the rest as we soak up the feel of this vibrant city. The buildings may be European but the rest is African. Please note that the Afro Brazilian Museum and Casa do Benin are closed Sat and Sun.

Duration: 04 hours
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