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Porto de Galinhas

Porto de Galinhas

The most famous beach of Pernambuco is located 96 miles from Recife. The name "Porto de Galinhas" is result of the prohibition of the slave traffic in Brazil in 1888, ships began to bring smuggled slaves in their basements covered with cages containing Angolan chickens,to the beach at that time called Praia do Porto (Port Beach). As they landed, the ship's crew invented a code to inform the population that more smuggled slaves had arrived and were available for sale: "there are new chickens in the port".

For many years, the village was inhabited only by the local fishermen and natives. Since around 1980, tourism began to take part in the local economy, when the first hotels were built. Currently, the village maintains its charm of a small and simple place, with its original population, embellished by the several shops of local handicraft, galleries, bars and restaurants.

Most of the beach, 5 miles from town, is sheltered by a reef. The water is warm and clear - you can see the colorful fish playing aroung your feet. There are plenty of "Jangadas"; local sailing boat to take you to the islands around.

Porto de Galinhas is also famous for night life and marvelous seafood restaurants serving, lobster, crab, squid, shrimp and local fish cooked with coconut milk, pepper and cumin. The locally made "genipapo" liquer is worth tasting too.

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