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Fortaleza is celebrated in verse and prose as the "blonde bride of the sun". The seashore, running the length of the city, has a variety of attractions.

Iracema beach is a bohemian enclave, with dozens of all-night bars situated in buildings, which still retain the architectural features of the turn of the century. Its biggest attractions are the Estoril, which houses restaurants and an exhibition gallery, and the Ponte dos Ingleses, from which beautiful sunsets can be observed. From this point, the Avenida Beira Mar ( Avenue by the sea) borders a beach that strectches for almost three miles to Mucuripe. The beach is lined with coconut palms and barracas ( straw huts).

Mucuripe beach- located just beyond the harbor, is Fortalez's traditional fishing beach. Although the town has expanded at the ever-increasing pace, the beach has not been overtaken by the modern world.

Praia do Futuro - Further away, beyond Mucuripe and hte harbor area, is the " Beach of Future", a four-mile beach that is much cleaner than those near the center of Fortaleza. It is paradise for bathers and surfers.

Beach Park- located 22km from Fortaleza, is the largest beach aquatic park in South America. It is one of the most modern in Brazil. comprising an aquatic complex with water bikes and other modern equipment for water sports. It also features a huge swimming pool with the highest slide in Brazil....41km high, with speed up to 110km/h.

The Sunrise Coast - has remarkable colorful sand dunes and water springs along its coast.Towards the coastline, the beaches multiply by themselves. From Porto das Dunas Beach to Icapuí, you will find over 30 wild beaches as Morro branco, Praia das Fontes and Canoa Quebrada.

**Canoa Quebrada- hidden by high dunes and ocher cliffs, this is one of the most famous beaches along the coast of the Nordeste. Is was discovered by French and Italian hippies in the 1970s.

The Sunset Coast - features large beaches, intercepted by rivers and mangroves along their ways, and setting coconut trees and sand dunes along the coast.

From Cumbuco to Bitupitá, the route is formed by wild and singular beaches as: Almofala, Tatajuba, Maceió and Jericoacoara – the famous Jeri -, known as one of 10 the most beautiful beaches in the world. **Jericoacoara- On one side of this beach are mile upon mile of dunes and on the other sheer cliffs leading to a disused lighthouse and rock formations with names such Pedra Furada and Pedra do Jacare. The beach also has many natural swimming pools.

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