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Villa Bahia

Villa Bahia
Location: In the heart of Salvador’s historical centre, a step away from the Jorge Amado Museum, from the celebrated Lacerda Elevator and the Praca da Se overlooking All Saints Bay.

Accommodations: 17 rooms of 35 m2 and over, 3 rooms with terrace and private bath. These rooms recall the main stages in the history of the Portuguese discoverers, their trade exchanges with Africa and Asia and their maritime routes, all closely tied to the spice trade. The Villa Bahia therefore takes back in time to its very origins, to evoke Cape Verde, Guinea, Angola, Mozambique, but also Ceuta, Ormus, Goa, Calicut, Sri Lanka, Malaga, Timor, Macau and Nagasaki.

Restaurants and Bars: The restaurant revisits Bahia cuisine, through the talent of Laurent Rezette, the great international chef. World cuisines are seasoned with dendé (palm oil, typical of Bahia cuisines); Brazilian cassava is omnipresent, and cinnamon accompanies Bahia desserts.

Leisure and Services: Spa and Swimming pool.
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Address: Largo do Cruzeiro de Sao Francisco, n° 16/18, Pelourinho
Phone: 71xx33224271

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