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Refúgio Ecológico Caiman

Refúgio Ecológico Caiman
Location: The Refugio Ecológico Caiman is located in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, 236 kilometers from the capital, Campo Grande, and 36 kilometers from the city of Miranda.

Accommodations: The Caiman Ecological Refuge has four comfortable lodges with different arquitectural styles; all designed to combine with the landscape.
With total capacity to accommodate up to 73 people distributed in these lodges, Caiman gives its guests the opportunity to get to know the wonders of the Pantanal in rustic comfort.
All the lodges have independent infrastructures for meals, tours and guides. They are equipped for your comfort, with air conditioning, ceiling fan, private bathroom with hot water, 110 volts electric outlets, living rooms and swimming pool.
Sede Lodge: Hosts 25 guests in 11 rooms. This lodge has a pool, dining room for 42 people, comfortable living rooms, a bar, souvenir store, and telephone center with fax. For the comfort of our guests, besides the kitchen that offers a menu of typical local and international food, all apartments have private bathrooms, hot water, screened windows, ceiling fans, air conditioners and outlets adapted for 110 volts.
Baiazinha Lodge: This lodge is 9 kilometers from and totally independent of the SEDE. Pousada Baiazinha has 6 apartments, each with a balcony with screen doors, air conditioning, ceiling fan, private bathroom, hot water, and outlets adapted for 110 volts.
The kitchen provides its guests with a delicious menu that is a mixture of international and regional dishes.
Cordilheira Lodge: Fourteen kilometers from the main lodge, the CORDILHEIRA, has 6 apartments, all with balconies with screened doors, air conditioning, ceiling fans, private bathrooms, hot water and outlets adapted to 110 volts. In the Kitchen, the international and regional dishes are prepared with such perfection that the guests will praise the cooks, who are present to serve them in the best way possible.
Sede II Lodge: With 6 rooms, located just 100m away from Sede I Lodge, it has a stunning view of the lake.

Restaurants and Bars: Our kitchen offers a varied menu that includes local and international food. Salads, pastas, meat and fish are served daily and are exquisitely prepared by cooks from the region. For dessert, besides those especially prepared, there are homemade sweets that are a real treat.
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Address: Rua Campos Bicudo, 98 CJ. 112, Itaim
Phone: 11xx30796622

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