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The name Palmas means "palms", a reference to the palm trees which abound in the region.

Palmas, capital of the state of Tocantins, is still a building site. It is the newest city in Brazil and is known as the "capital of opportunity", attracting thousands of people who, in search of work, have migrated to this new economic frontier of the country. It is within this climate of growth that tourism is seen as a factor to be exploited. With its natural beauties still intact, kilometers of river beaches, waterfalls and ecological reserves, the capital is located in the geographical centre of Tocantins and forms part of the Palmas Tourist Region, together with four other municipalities - Lajeado, Miracema do Tocantins, Monte do Carmo and Porto Nacional.

One of the main attractions in the Palmas area is Graciosa beach, on the banks of the Tocantins river, which draws up to 15,000 people a weekend during the "Tocantins summer", from July to September. Also near the capital is the Serra da Figura, a hill which can be climbed on foot. On the top there are many prehistoric inscriptions and representations of human figures, domestic objects, animals etc.

Other attractions nearby: Jalapão Desert , at 3 hours from Palmas, full od dunes and incomparable flattop mountains Taquarussu district, at 30 km. From the centre of Palmas, with more than 90 catalogued water-falls.

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