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The West Coast of Ceará keeps in its interior one of the nicest beach. It is situated in Trairí city. It is 128 km far from Fortaleza with access by the new structuralized highway.

Flecheiras discloses between dunes and coconut palms with an almost primitive beauty. The legend counts that, in the time of the first inhabitants, the indians went down the mounts and with their precisely arrows they practiced fishery in the clear and tame waters that lard the aquatic rocks of the place. Flecheiras comes from arrow, arrow indians, today popularized Flecheiras.

The primitivity of the place still remains almost unchanged, despite the beautiful summer houses. In constant presence of the rafts to the wind, brave and strong men of the sea. The corrals of fish advances into the Sea defying the proper nature with its rudimentary engineering.

Sculptural Dunes cut by blue lagoons, the extensive cocunut palms and the submarine stones, propitious to diving practice, making of this true ecological paradise one of the best places for tourist visitation.

The sea is clearly with calm waters that hide mysteries of unspoken beauty. The hotel structure is one of the best in the region. There are many inns that can provide comfort, tranquillity and a nice regional kitchen. Beyond the natural beauties, other emotions like see the sun set from the top of the dunes and slide on a sandbord, to make a raft stroll or buggy being tamed the beauties of the place. They are options with full of amusement and pleasure.

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