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Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha

The archipelago of Fernado de Noronha lies in the Atlantic Ocean, 225 miles off the coast of Brazil. With its crystal-clear water and rich marine life, the archipelago here is a heavenly retreat for underwater pleasures. The main island ( Ilha Fernando de Noronha) is sparsely populated and tourism has become the main source of income for locals. The archipelago can be reached either by plane or by boat. On you arrival you will be asked to pay an enviromental protection tax to IBAMA-Brazilian environment agency. There are various choices of where to stay on the island of Fernando de Noronha. All are typically modest. In all there are 70 inns, classified according to their facilities and touristy infrastructure, and a small hotel. Reservations should be made early, especially for the months of January, February, July and December, as well as for longer holidays.

Diving is the island's major attraction. It transparent water have 40m visibility, 230 fish species, 15 coral varieties and five types of shark. Snorkeling is best at Baia dos Porcos, Ponta das Caracas, Baia do Sueste and Atalaia, where there is a large pool at low tide. Scuba dive prefer Ilha Rata, Ilha do Morro de Fora, Enseada da Rasureta and Ponta da Sapata.

Baia do Golfinhos ( Dolphin Bay) is strictly off-limits to swimmers, but access is permitted to Mirante dos Golfinhos, a view-point where you can watch hundred of dolphins cavorting in the water . At sunrise the dolphins swim into the bay and spend most of the day there, resting or mating. In the late afternoon they head out to deep waters.

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