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Arraial D´Ajuda

Arraial D´Ajuda

Arraial D´ajuda, the largest “international” town in the municipality of Porto Seguro, lies on one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the southern Bahia. This tropical paradise was first discovered by hippies in the early 70´s, a post- Woodstock generation that traveled the world and found in Arraial D´Ajuda an alternative way of living with new values. These same people are now the owners of the friendly, rustic inns that are so common in town, many of which were built as extensions of their own homes.

The streets of the town are unpaved, and lined with small, rustic inns and charming restaurants, that blend perfectly with the town carefree ambience. It’s as easy to find a Japonese sushi as it is to taste one of the famous stews known as Moquecas. A pedestrian district known as “broadway” isa must in Arraial with its many bars and restaurants where tables are set up right on the sidewalk. The variety of foods available is almost as great as the variety of music.

From high atop the cliff on which Arraial is located, there is a panoramic view of the discovery coast, and the town´s unique charm brings together people from all over the world, especially the international jet set, who have adopted Arraial as a home away from home.

The daily routine in Arraial is completely out of the ordinary. The shops only open at the end of the afternoon and close at about midnight. People dress very informally and it’s considered completely normal to go shopping in a bikini or even go out to a nightclub in swimwear. Lunch feels a lot like dinner, and just when you think the town is setting down for the night, the festivities are just beginning with luaus on the beach and dancing until the early hours of the morning.

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