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A Casa das Portas Velhas - Boutique Hotel*

A Casa das Portas Velhas - Boutique Hotel*

Location: Unlike traditional hotels, offers unique lodging and dining facilities in a space that is pleasingly simplistic while, at the same time, being sublimely deluxe. Relaxed and informal, the hotel is situated in one of the most celebrated squares in the historic district - Palm Square, made famous as the site of Dona Flor's home in the first filming of Jorge Amado's " Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands".

"THE HOUSE OF OLD DOORS" has been conceived as a "boutique hotel", a new international idea of a facility with a high-design concept and a unique personality - one that attracts a sophisticated crowd with hipness rather than with grandeur. The ambience is that of a clubby luxury retreat that has been carved from a ruin, the remnants of a corner building in Salvador's historic district that has the architectural characteristics of the early nineteenth century.

Accommodations: The hotel goes beyond the functional purpose of providing clean beds and baths. On the contrary, it nourishes the aspirations and desired self-image of every guest. Spatial restrictions necessitate that the hotel be small in size - only fourteen rooms or combinations thereof and one Porteiro (Doorman) Suite.

Leisure and Services: Yet each apartment has qualities and amenities like any five-star hotel: centralized air-conditioning, imaginatively stocked fringo-bars, anti-allergic pillows , fire detectors and alarm system, a centralized water heating system, cable television and DVD's, bedside access to the internet, ceiling fans, lush anti-allergic carpets, a centralized sound system, personalized security safes, gratuitous hygienic toiletries, monogrammed robes, slippers, and bed linen, room service, a modern security system - all contributing to the charm of this adorable haven.

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Address: Largo da Palma, n. 06, Santana
Phone: 71xx33248400

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